PR & Sponsorship

Meet Sharmaine  
PR Manager and Social Media Marketing

With a love of wildlife and a keen eye for digital marketing, Sharmaine has been dedicated to elevating my presence in the competitive world of wildlife photography. She has successfully secured numerous brand ambassador deals and collaborations, enhancing my brand visibility and credibility within the industry.

We have known each other for nearly 20 years, sharing a strong friendship that has seamlessly translated into an amazing working relationship. This well founded connection has allowed us to collaborate effectively, blending our skills and passions to achieve remarkable results.

Sharmaine’s effective PR and social media strategy has played a crucial role in growing my online community. Through targeted campaigns and advising on engaging content, we have significantly increased my social media following, fostering a robust and interactive audience that shares our passion for wildlife conservation and photography.

Together we have built a brand that not only showcases the beauty of nature but also inspires others to appreciate and protect our planet’s incredible wildlife.

To contact me for PR, sponsorship and commercial enquiries please email

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